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Christian Political Theory Site Debuts by Markham Robinson

No one has ever written a systematic Christian political theory with an axiomatic basis. It is my goal to write one. I intend to publish and promote it and my other works through this web site. I will show how Christians should act politically in republics and democracies and what sort of government they should attempt to create.

Election Recommendations
by Markham Robinson

See the headlines for each major and minor candidate for an individual analysis.

First, I STILL strongly favor the Recall.

Here is my reason. Davis, the Legislature and the PUC have been a disaster. We must send a message to the political class that they will be held accountable. If we fail to use the recall in this extraordinary case, then it will cease to be a threat that officeholders must take into account. They will continue to oppress us and misuse their offices with no sense of danger of rebuke from the electorate.

This must not happen! Remember, that at the national level, the failure by the Congress to curb the Supreme Court in its original jurisdiction and the President in his unconstitutional exercise of war powers from the first days of the Republic have effectively changed the balance of powers, which the Founders intended to create. We must not sit on our right to recall, but show that we can use it despite any other political calculations!

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Top 5 Reasons To Recall Gray Davis (

  1. Lied to Public About California’s Budgetary Matters Solely to Gain Re-Election
  2. Lied to Voters About His Plans to Raise Taxes
  3. Pushes for New Form of Taxation – Taxing the Internet
  4. California and The Nation Still Suffer from the Davis Power Crisis
  5. The People’s Property For Sale – Selling the Government for Campaign Cash


The Recall Election,
Those Who Would be King by Markham Robinson

The first project of this site is far from theoretical. I promised a number of people that I would research the replacement candidates. Little did I know what that innocent little statement would entail!

My Own Reasons to Favor the Recall by Markham Robinson

I have a bumper sticker that reads “Blackouts 2001. Gray Out 2002.” It’s a bit dated, but I still like it. The Governor failed to lead when it counted. We had an energy “deregulation” bill, better called a “misregulation” bill that was a disaster, at least as it was managed in a crisis of supply. We simply had too little power and too little transmission capacity. The only way to get what we wanted was to buy it out of State.

To Catholics by Markham Robinson

Real Catholics should oppose Davis, Bustamante, and Schwarzenegger. All of them claim to be Catholics. All of them are hypocrites. The Pope has made it clear in an Ex Cathedra communication, which is infallible by official Catholic doctrine, that all public officials, especially Catholics, have an obligation to oppose abortion in their official capacities.

Christian Conservatives and Devout Catholics, Vote Your Conscience! by Markham Robinson

It is not only alright practically to vote for the pro-life candidate with a chance, Tom McClintock, but your duty as well. Fear and Bandwagon Psychology have been the winning candidates all too often!

Here is the practical argument. Arnold plus Tom will get more than twice as many votes as Bustamante. Let me do the math for you. No matter which one, Tom or Arnold, you vote for, one of them will beat Bustamante. Neither one can spoil the chances of the other.

The only way either Tom or Arnold can spoil the chances of the other at this point is to withdraw! If that happens, then their voters may either stay home or vote against the recall. This is because they may then think that their favorite candidate has no chance. If they are more afraid of the likely replacement than they are of keeping the Governor in office three more disastrous years they will vote against the recall.

10 Good Reasons to Recall Gray Davis (Human Events)

  1. Very Questionable Fundraising
  2. Bungled Energy Strategy
  3. Budget Deficit Deception
  4. Job-Killing Family Leave Law
  5. Business-Destroying Workers' Compensation Law
  6. Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens
  7. In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens
  8. Cross-Dressing as a Civil Right
  9. Killed Proposition 187
  10. Illegally Tripled the Car Tax

Tom McClintock by Markham Robinson

I strongly favor a vote for Tom McClintock. This is because he is the only "Man With a Plan" in the Recall race. He will reduce wasteful government spending immediately and substantially.

He will improve the business climate by decisively reforming the Worker’s compensation mess. He will reverse the illegally imposed tripling of the Car Tax, which most strongly impacts the working poor who need a car to get to their jobs.

He will challenge the disastrous 41 billion dollars of oil contracts based on a conflict of interest, which the current Governor will never do. He will not raise taxes, nor will he have to.

He has a line item veto and other strong legal powers. Further if elected, he will have a political mandate. In the long run, he will greatly reduce the scope and expense of State government, and lower taxes.

He is the only candidate who, if victorious, would be guaranteed to be reelected, because of decisive success in addressing our economic problems.

Arnold Schwarzenegger by Markham Robinson

I admire this man, but I cannot support him. I admire him for his determination and abilities, just as he admired Hitler for the same qualities. Arnold though did not admire Hitler on balance. Similarly, on balance, I cannot support Arnold. Hitler was evil, but Arnold just isn’t good enough!

Cruz Bustamante by Markham Robinson

My essay on the energy crisis blamed the weather, the Legislature, Governor Wilson, Governor Davis and particularly the PUC as the culprits. I should also have mentioned the cumulative bad effects of national and state energy exploitation, production, and distribution policies and regulations as a backdrop to the emergency we experienced and could experience again.

Reasons to Recall Cited in Recall Petition

“The grounds for the recall are as follows: Gross mismanagement of California Finances by overspending taxpayers’ money, threatening public safety by cutting funds to local governments, failing to account for the exorbitant cost of the energy fiasco, and failing in general to deal with the state’s major problems until they get to the crisis stage. California should not have to be known as the state with poor schools, traffic jams, outrageous utility bills, and huge debts....all caused by gross mismanagement.”

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