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Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

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The Institute on Religion and Democracy, Upholding Faith and Freedom For 20 Years.

Christians in Political Science mission is to: encourage, stimulate, and assist members to integrate their Christian faith into their research and writing; encourage, stimulate and assist members to bring insights and perspectives from their faith to classroom teaching in appropriate, creative ways; and provide a forum for fellowship among Christians in political science.


The Politics and Religion Academic Network has been established to facilitate the academic scrutiny of issues relating to the relationship between politics and religion (both broadly defined).

Only by restoring the Christian Faith and Biblical law as the standard of all of life can Christians hope to re-establish Christian civilizations. Reconstructionist central. Another Reform site.

CAPO is the umbrella organization, which provides funding, direction, and facilities for: The Kuyper Institute for Politics; The Calvin Institute for Theology; The Van Til Institute for Apologetics; The Groen Van Prinsterer Institute for History; The Augustine Institute ; The Newton Institute for Science . All following Reform tradition.

A front site for CAPO designed to emphasize the contributions of Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch Prime Minister, and a theological and political writer in the Reform tradition.


Things to be Believed; Things to be done. A Reform publication.