Partisan Sites

California Parties

American Independent Party, the California Affiliate of the Constitution Party

California Democratic Party

Green Party of California

Green Party of California

Libertarian Party of California

Natural Law Party A Reason to Vote

Natural Law Party (no separate State organization or web site)

Peace and Freedom Party

The Republican Elephant

California Republican Party

Reform Party of California.

John Christopher Burtonís candidate web site and that of the Socialist Equality Party seem virtually indistinguishable, so I give you the more general organization of which the Socialist Equality Party seems to be an affiliate (front?).

State Conservative Parties

Emblem of the Conservative Party of New York State

The Conservative Party of New York State.

The NJ Conservative Party is a grassroots citizens political organization.

National Parties


Democratic National Committee.

The Libertarian Party: The Party of Principle

Libertarian Party.


Constitution Party.

Green Party.

Reform Party.

Welcome to RNC

Republican National Committee.

Natural Law Party A Reason to Vote

Natural Law Party (no separate State organization or web site).

California Republican Clubs

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The California Republican, official CRA Newsletter

The Young Republican Federation of California

California Young Republicans

Log Cabin Republicans of California is the home for mainstream gay and lesbian Californians.

California Young Americans for Freedom

California Congress of Republicans (CCR)

California Republican League, Returning the Republican Party to the Republican Majority

[Seal Logo]

California Federation of Republican Women

California Republican Liberty Caucus

Welcome to The Seneca Network!

The Mission of Seneca Network, Inc., is to promote the candidacy and election of Republican women for public office by educational and informational efforts.

National Republican Clubs

Representing the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.

Young Americaís Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of  young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

Young Americans for Freedom

The College Republican National Committee is the nationwide coordinating organization for the Republican youth movement.

National Federation of Republican Women

The National Federation of Republican Women is one of the largest women's political organizations in the country with a grassroots membership of 100,000 women and 1,800 unit clubs nationwide.

The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is a grassroots, nationwide organization affiliated with the Republican Party (GOP). The goal of the RLC is to elect pro-liberty individuals to office.

YOUNG REPUBLICAN NATIONAL FEDERATION, Appears to be a networking organization of Young Republicans with no platform and no program.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is the well-respected representative of the Jewish community to Republican elected officials and party leaders and is the pre-eminent Republican organization in the Jewish community. We are committed to building a strong, effective and respected Jewish Republican voice in Washington and across the country.