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The owner of this site is Systematic Christian Political Philosophy. Its director is Markham Gregory Robinson.

Markham Robinson is almost 60 years old and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Mathematics. After college he served as a Lieutenant in the Army Field Artillery during the Vietnam War era. His overseas posting was to Korea in 1967. He has a year’s worth of graduate study in Mathematics at the University of Oregon where he met his wife, then Mary Lynne Westmoreland.

He is currently one of the Principals of MasterPlan Financial Software, located in Vacaville California, and is its President and Director of Product Development. He and his wife have both worked in the family business since its founding in 1989. Its web site is

A Business Biography and a Political Biography for Markham Robinson will be forthcoming shortly on this site.

He will be publishing both his works on Christian Political Philosophy and Christian Moral Philosophy on this site.