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Candidate Data

These lists of candidate data presented in different orders have the most complete list of candidate web sites and email addresses on the web. Furthermore the first list which is in first name then last name order has links into the candidate’s answers to a questionnaire which I sent all of them who had email addresses. About 70 responded. I provided satirical responses (clearly labeled).


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First Name

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First Name

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Position on Recall

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Explanation of the Fields of the Candidate Questionnaire Table




Whether the Candidate answered my questionnaire or not (or I answered it satirically). Possible answers are Yes, No, or X where the answer is unknown.

First Name-Last Name

Self-explanatory. I put nicknames in parentheses, not in quotes as they will be on the ballot. One candidate (whose web site was suppressed in my database) actually had a web site name as part of his name for the ballot. I suppressed it, because I refuse to advertise his filth.


American Independent is a party and Independent is really decline to state. Some had parties, but since, like the socialists, they do not qualify for the ballot, were not listed except as independents.


Possible answers are Favor, Oppose, Abstain, No Position, Unknown, and Neutral.

Web Site

116 Web sites. I actually had three more, but because of obscene or entirely lacking campaign content, I censored three of them. I did not include pending sites, not yet put up on the theory that they are unlikely to appear at this late date—even though this site defies such an expectation! I had to guess some sites, searched the web for others, got others by phone or email, and of course got my initial increment from the Secretary of State’s site. If you have difficulty accessing these web sites, try again, because some of them are flakey. All of these web site addresses have been tested.


I have eliminated bad email addresses, defined as not getting a consistent failure notice back with no successes. This list has been tested. If you get a return, then try again, because some of them are indeed flakey.

Phone Number

I eliminated bad phone numbers, but I did not try them all, so you are on your own here.


Street Address.

City State Zip



Self-explanatory, although the contents may not be!


"For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."     2nd Peter 1:21