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Christian Political Theory Site Debuts—Continued

I must acknowledge the inspirations I have already had for this work. I have been raised to be a patriot, a lover of a Nation under God. The legitimacy of that Nation comes from a divine grant of rights, so eloquently expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

My training is in Mathematics. My interests were foundations of mathematics and mathematical logic. I am seeking an axiomatic basis for developing a Christian theory of politics. I became aware of the possibility of establishing such a foundation when I encountered a little booklet by Frederick Bastiat called The Law, written in 1851. It is called La Loi in French.

The Law enunciates a species of super-Jeffersonianism. Like Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, Bastiat placed the origin of our rights in a Divine grant. However he was more detailed in his treatment of those origins. He also declared a principle of voluntary association that he applied to government. From these foundations he drew conclusions that formed the basis of a devastating critique of 19th Century Socialism, which was identical in its aspiration to the ‘accomplishments’ of modern American Liberalism. From this I concluded, that if Conservatives are 18th Century Liberals, then Liberals are just 19th Century Socialists!

Bastiat had the honor of being the first to refute the fallacies of democratic socialism. Here in America during the 20th Century, Liberals 'achieved' the entire agenda of the French National Assembly of 1851, with one exception–the advancement of religion! That is no longer any socialist's goal.


You may think that a theoretical exercise by a French popular economics writer who was a member of the French National Assembly, however eloquent, could have little practical consequence. Yes, it fired my imagination. Yes, it was the beginning of this effort. But so what?

But before it served to inspire me, it was the spring of inspiration from which Ronald Reagan derived the impetus to run for Governor of California. I read this on a French web site devoted to Bastiat. It seems Reagan studied The Law in a course G.E., his employer, had him take. And now we are having an exceptional election for Governor of this golden state.

Now it may seem less strange for a matter so imminently practical as this Recall Election to be featured on a site devoted to political theory! But theory has always been born of practice. My acquaintance with the axiomatic foundations of modern mathematics does not blind me to its intuitive precursors.

In my Candidate Questionnaire I have taken the liberty of inserting one theoretical question with which I have braced all the candidates and also the Governor. “What are the legitimate functions of government?” Theory and practice must be intimately related in politics. Politics was considered the highest study by Aristotle and by many since. Yet politics is no bloodless abstraction. Liberty was bought with patriots’ blood. Liberty is in some sense “unalienable,” but we had been deprived of it. What we owned by right we none-the-less purchased with blood in our Revolution.


But what did we achieve in that Revolution? The People became the King, the Sovereign. The slogan of the American Revolution, almost unknown today, was, "No King, but King Jesus!" But the People are kings and Christ is King of Kings.

Some Christians seem to think that we still have a King! But what they have to realize is that We, the People, are King with all of his duties as well as privileges. To paraphrase Pogo, “We have met the King and He is us!”

The foundation of our Nation under God is a direct grant of rights to the People from God. My rights do not come from the government of the United States. They do not even come from the Constitution. Our Constitution was created expressly to secure “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our posterity” not to grant them.

If there are blessings, count on it, there is a Blesser. The Founders held God to be the author of those "Blessings of Liberty," which we have so poorly secured. There you will find the reference to God, which the Liberals so triumphantly proclaim missing from our Constitution! God did not need to be explicitly mentioned in a Constitution established by the People, whose power was understood to be only from God. Indeed, without our Declaration of Independence with its reliance upon a Divine grant of rights, the People had no authority to establish that Constitution. Certainly no king had consented to that power. Quite the contrary! And, that power, those rights we had from God, we none-the-less had to buy with patriots' lives!

There is much more to say of my project of a Systematic Christian Political Theory and its foundations in Scripture, in experience and in deontic logic, the logic of rights and duties. More later.


"For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."     2nd Peter 1:21