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Second, I strongly favor a vote for Tom McClintock. This is because he is the only Man With a Plan in the Recall race. He will reduce wasteful government spending immediately and substantially. He will improve the business climate by decisively reforming the Worker’s compensation mess. He will reverse the illegally imposed tripling of the Car Tax which most strongly impacts the working poor who need a car to get to their jobs. He will challenge the disastrous 41 billion dollars of oil contracts based on a conflict of interest, which the current Governor will never do. He will not raise taxes, nor will he have to. He has a line item veto and other strong legal powers. Further if elected, he will have a political mandate. In the long run, he will greatly reduce the scope and expense of State government, and lower taxes. He is the only candidate who, if victorious, would be guaranteed to be reelected, because of decisive success in addressing our economic problems.

I oppose Bustamante because he would be even more disastrous than Davis. He wants to regulate gasoline as well as electricity. That means that the PUC could bankrupt even more vital industries than it has done so far! Also, he has no other plan. He will not even renounce a racist slogan of a student organization of which he was a member. He seemed barely conscious in his debate appearances in contrast to the high energy of everyone except the aging Ueberroth. He hasn’t even given a clear analysis of our current problems!

I strongly oppose Arnold for Governor, because he has no plan to solve our economic problems and would sign every repugnant piece of social legislation that our left-wing legislature sends him. Even Gray Davis could be persuaded to veto half of them. Arnold would veto none. Schwarzenegger's immoral personal past has led to an immoral legislative stance on social legislation. Some people say wrongly that you can’t legislate morality. That doesn’t keep our left-wing legislature from legislating immorality, namely indoctrination in favor of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle in our public schools and access to them by gay groups.

If elected, he would be dogged with legal problems arising from sexual harrassment suits, which would distract him from his task of coming up with solutions to our economic problems. He doesn't have many of those yet anyway!


To Catholics—Cont.

Catholic voters as a portion of the sovereign have a similar obligation to vote against pro-abortion and for pro-life candidates. The public position of all of these candidates is clear. They favor the right of a woman to murder her unborn baby, i.e. to have an abortion. This is immoral and contrary to the explicit teaching of the Catholic Church.

If you will not pay attention to this, then you are what they call a Cafeteria Catholic—you pick and choose which of the teachings of the Church you will believe and attempt to practice. You too are a hypocrite—unless you change! If you will not change your beliefs and practices on this matter, then perhaps you would be more comfortable in a liberal Protestant church!

Cruz Bustamante—Cont.

Bustamante has proposed a disastrous policy. He wants to change just one little word in State law to allow gasoline and related activities to be regulated as a public utility. Let me connect the dots. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates public utilities. If gasoline and related activities are regulable as a public utility, then the PUC will be their regulator with results as predictably disastrous as for electric power. But, because he is so inept, it is quite uncertain whether Cruz would get his policies implemented!

Cruz Bustamante has not criticized the current governor’s policies in a substantive and detailed way, no doubt because of his ticklish political situation. Not only do we lack a proper analysis of our problems from him, but we have no program from him for their solution. If Mr. Bustamante is elected, it is by no means certain that in three years he will even get the Democratic nomination, especially if someone like Diane Feinstein runs for it. She has positioned herself perfectly to do so no matter what happens.

Some people are afraid of what Bustamante will do. Some people are afraid of his being reelected if he assumes the Governor’s office now. If he did become Governor, in my estimation he would only have a chance to be reelected or to run as an independent, if he had governed strongly towards the center during his tenure. From observing him I conclude that he is not savvy enough to appreciate the necessity of doing so, nor is he inclined to do so, even though he unaccountably is in favor of Joe Liebermann for President. I guess he is just confused! His chances of reelection are minimal in my estimation. His election would be very favorable for Tom McClintock’s chances for getting the Republican nomination in three years. I’m guessing that Arnold will not even run for that nomination if he fails to get in by the Recall and anyone else is elected. If the recall fails, I expect that the two contenders for the Republican nomination in three years will be McClintock and Schwarzennegger.

Bustamante belonged to the Chicano-Mexican-Aztlan (MeCh’A) student organization whose slogan is approximately “Everything for the Raza (race) and nothing for those not of the Raza (race).” Aztlan is the once and future homeland of the Aztec race, which occupies the southwest of the United States. To realize their dreams, such organizations must detach this territory from our country. Some wish to merge it with Mexico. Some may wish an independent state. Cruz Bustamante has refused pointblank to renounce even the racist slogan of this subversive organization of which he was a member. He is also in favor of the recently enacted measure that makes it possible for illegal aliens to obtain a California Driver’s Licence. As a result, our State Driver’s license will probably not be acceptable to Federal agencies charged with Homeland Security as identification! Anyone favoring such a law is opposed to national security in practical terms. Bustamante will not even renounce a disloyal slogan. Draw your own conclusions!

Bustamante’s placid and bovine debate performances have essentially ended his chances to become Governor. If you are still afraid of his becoming Governor, consider this. If he should become Governor and regulate gasoline as well as energy, we would have such a disaster that socialism in California would be thoroughly discredited. This would open the way for a real change of direction such as that represented by Tom McClintock!



"For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."     2nd Peter 1:21