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Arnold—Continued <> Christian Conservatives and Devout Catholics, Vote Your Conscience!—Continued <> Tom McClintock—Continued


Arnold claims to be a Catholic, but he defies Church teaching in personal and political terms. Office holders according to the Pope are to oppose abortion and promote pro-life policies. The Church also opposes homosexual practices and lifestyle. Arnold does not agree. He supports them. He will let your children be indoctrinated in these beliefs. He will not oppose the undermining of traditional marriage.

Arnold does not have a plan. Instead he says that he will come up with a program in 100 days! Tom McClintock has a plan today. It looks workable. He has the 20 years of experience and an unassailable record of principle to make us confident that he will carry it through. Tom has announced plans to reduce taxes, save bundles of money by challenging ruinous and conflict of interest ridden oil contracts, eliminate redundant programs, curtail waste, and greatly reduce the regulatory burden and the Workers Compensation burden on business, thus increasing revenues, all without raising taxes or borrowing money more than briefly.

Arnold’s primary advisors are the Wilson team that gave us the Energy Crisis in the first place by not vetoing it when Wilson was Governor. Wilson is the one who called Republican conservatives irrelevant in profane terms. Under Schwarzenegger they probably will also be irrelevant. I would like to be wrong, but that is the likelihood. The way I’ve heard it put is that “Arnold is just Wilson on steroids.”

If Arnold wins, it will be bad for the Republican Party. Why is that? The main task of California conservatives after his election will be to oppose unsavory social legislation at the State level. Also, Arnold is a Big Government Republican. A strong defense, smaller government, and profamily legislation are the three big reasons I am a Republican.

With Republicans like Arnold, I only have one issue in common, a strong defense. With the Libertarians I also have one issue in common, a smaller government. With some patriotic Democrats I have a strong defense in common, such as Joe Lieberman, but with the rest I have nothing in common. I certainly have nothing in common with the Peace and Freedom Party, the Natural Law Party or the Green Party. The Reform Party is too nebulous and unstable to deserve consideration. See my remarks on the American Independent Party for my take on it.

Christian Conservatives and Devout Catholics, Vote Your Conscience!—Cont.

But Tom McClintock is staying firm—which should be no surprise! He is in the race to the finish and he still strongly supports the Recall. I suggest that his supporters follow his lead!

Here is the moral argument. Tom will fight injustice both economic and social. That is, he will oppose the economic injustice of socialism and the social injustice of liberal indoctrination in the public schools and the undermining of the will of the people in preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Vote to punish Gray Davis for his dereliction of duty and corrupt politics as usual and send a warning to the political class that we will not allow their misrule to continue! You will find them much more receptive on every issue, social issues included, if the recall succeeds, If it fails, then they will be even more justifiably contemptuous of You the People than they are today.

The recall would have a much better chance of succeeding (and Arnold’s chances would in fact be much better) if the polls indicated a closer race between Tom and Arnold. Why is that? Simply because without hope of their favorite candidate winning, those who are not enthusiastic about the alternative may stay home and those fearful of the alternative may vote in sufficient numbers against the recall to defeat it.

The new Schwarzenegger voter will just stay home, and some large fraction of McClintock supporters will probably vote against the Recall for fear that Schwarzenegger will win.


Tom McClintock—Continued

Tom is the only major candidate who is pro-life. He is the only major candidate who is in favor of your Second Amendment right to self-protection ‘secured’ by that much disregarded provision of the Constitution.

He opposes driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and favors the CRA’s initiative to repeal this dangerous and unpatriotic legislation. He is in favor of Proposition 54, making the State Government officially color blind.

He is the only major candidate who is truly in favor of the Constitution. The next most major candidate with this position is the nominee of the American Independent Party, Diane Beall Templin.

He is the overwhelming choice of Californians in every poll that asks the question as best qualified to run California’s affairs! Vote your conscience. Vote for prosperity. Vote for Liberty!



"For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."     2nd Peter 1:21